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Civil Design Concepts close ties to the Asheville community and local government have been very influential in the development and integration of professional, commercial, and residential mixed-use projects that offer easy accessibility, high aesthetics and future-forward thinking. These intuitive projects will continue to be a keystone in Asheville’s enlightened development strategy.


Creating fashionably diverse and functionally efficient neighborhoods are key goals of Civil Design Concepts. Our local expertise and development knowledge enables us to work with contractors and developers to develop highly effective uses of land parcels while minimizing their environmental impact and infrastructure costs.


Civil Design Concepts has been instrumental in helping the Asheville Community to attract and retain business by participating in many commercial ventures and development projects. We take great pride in working with developers to positively impact our local economy and to facilitate some of Asheville’s more noteworthy professional development projects.


Throughout the greater region and beyond, Civil Design Concepts has provided design and development expertise to help create viable schools and institutions, bringing in new business and improving the tax base for many communities. The success of these projects is largely due to our ability to apply the same core competencies (project management, feasibility studies, municipal representation, planning and design) in our institutional projects as we do for our commercial and residential clients.

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